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Kenji Miyazawa stated, “We must embrace our pain and use it as fuel for the journey.” People treat pain with contempt, curse it and wish the world could be free from pain. Paradise or Heaven, as well as Jannat, are based on the belief in a world without pain and full pleasure. If God can be trusted, then everything in the world has a purpose. What purpose could pain serve?
Therefore, pleasure must always be followed by pain. If one loses the ability to enjoy its fruits, the excess deposit is useless. It is prudent to only spend what you intend to earn. One way to reduce pain is to decrease pleasure. This would mean that you would need to suffer less pain in order to enjoy the pleasure. Buddha recommended that an ascetic, or saint, be a life to eliminate pain. An ascetic doesn’t have any worldly pleasures in his life. As an ascetic does not have any pleasure, he suffers less pain. But most people are worldly and want to find pleasure in their lives. We must be prepared to experience pain in a planned way so that we can have a good accumulation of joy in our lives. As a result, you will reap more in the future if you start investing early.

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