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Netgear Orbi login

When you initially connect router and starts a web browser the browser will automatically displays router’s web page. So if you want to view or modify settings of Netgear Orbi router you can make use of browser for Netgear Orbi login web page. Let’s do it step wise.

1. Navigate through a web browser from computer or from a mobile device which is well connected with network.
2. Now enter in browser address bar default address, this will open a Netgear Orbi login
3. Time to enter default username & password.
4. Take care while filling username & password because they are case sensitive.
5. User name is ‘admin’ password is ‘password.’
6. After successful Netgear Orbi login, it will take you to the basic home page.

At any step if you feel you need help or assistance from an expert, then feel free to call to our router login team via toll free number, live chat or you can leave a message for our tech team they will get back to you as the earliest.


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