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Top law firm in Chandigarh

The India polity is a federal entity. Top law firm in Chandigarh primary focus of the framers of the Commonwealth Constitution was the division of legislative powers between the Common wealth and the entities comprising the six states. Legislative powers are exercised in India today by a federal parliament, six state parliaments (all are bicameral, except for Queens land) andlegislative assemblies in the India Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.Within these arrangements lie some foundational principles that have exerted considerable influence over the form of India administrative law. Top law firm in Chandigarh role of responsible government. The Common wealth Constitution provided for a system of representative government. Members of all parliaments are elected by popular vote. In India Capital Television Pty Ltd v Commonwealth11 Mason CJ said: The very concept of representative government and representative democracy signifies government by the people through their representatives. Translated into constitutional terms, it denotes that the sovereign power which resides in the people is exercised on their behalf by their representatives . . . Top law firm in Chandigarh point is that the representatives who are members of Parliament and Ministers of State are not only chosen by the people but exercise their legislative and executive powers as representatives of the people. And in the exercise of those powers the representatives of necessity are accountable to the people for what they do and have a responsibility to take account of the views of the people on whose behalf they act.1


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